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Drafting & Documentation

Having been associated with corporate entities over a long period of time, Lex Valorem has the experience and expertise in drafting of all kinds of documents, deeds and agreements as required by the Client and as relating to the business contingencies of the Client. Lex Valorem not only assists in drafting of day to day documents like HR related Agreements, Commercial Agreements, etc. but also has the required expertise to negotiate on behalf of the Client, finalise the transaction and suitably draft all Business related Agreements. Needless to say, Lex Valorem’s output will not be ‘template driven’ that can be used in general but will be a specific, tailor-made document that reflects the actual transaction effectively.

It is to be noted that all commercial enterprises function on concluded contracts and agreements whether with reference to its day to day affairs business arrangements or others. Implementation of concluded terms and conditions of an agreement is dependant on the executed agreements/deeds reflecting the concluded terms and conditions. Therefore drafting of agreements/deeds is crucial and the fulcrum on which the corporate entity and operations revolve. Lex Valorem as already stated with its vast experience in the corporate sector is equipped to handle drafting of all kinds of legal documents and commercial documents required and in the following field:

  • The basis of any corporate entity is the understanding between the promoters of the corporate entity especially as relating to the shareholding of the promoters. Lex Valorem has always been associated right from incorporation of the corporate entity to assisting the promoters to arrive at the terms and conditions, enumerating the roles, rights and obligations of each of the promoters with one another. Lex Valorem has also undertaken and is capable of undertaking the following:

    • Drafting of Term Sheet, Share Subscription Agreement, and Shareholders Agreement of the corporate entity.
    • Drafting of Shareholders agreement with reference to any third party investor in an existing corporate entity.
    • The terms and conditions relating to transfer of shares, first right of refusal, tag along and drag along rights, management of the corporate entity, consequences of breach, etc. would be discussed with the concerned parties to arrive at an understanding to address the above and incorporate as concluded.
    • All of the above as concluded would be reflected in the Agreements/Documents to be entered into and executed by all concerned parties.


  • A corporate entity is as good as the employees working in it. In today’s scenario businesses are conducted in an extremely competitive environment and the integrity of the employee is crucial for the business of the corporate entity. While the aim of the corporate entity is to retain its employees it is also crucial to ensure that the employees does not in any manner whatsoever commit any breach that would be detrimental to the interests of the corporate entity. Drafting of employee related agreements is therefore a very sensitive issue and the essential skill is available with Lex Valorem. Lex Valorem would assist its Client in drafting of all HR related agreements especially as below.

    • Letter of appointment should be carefully worded providing the parameters within which the employee can function, the scope of growth available to the employee in the corporate entity and should also address the consequences of breach by employee.
    • Lex Valorem has the expertise to draft all types of Employee Agreements, post issue of letter of appointment to ensure that the employee works for the interests of the Client and at the same time ensure that the employee is retained by the Client. The Agreements would be drafted in consultation with the Client and based on the inputs received from the Client in that regard.
    • All businesses in the present world are confidential and exclusive to the Client. Non Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Undertaking and related undertaking must be entered into, executed and obtained from the employees. Lex Valorem would undertake drafting of all of the above keeping in mind the best interests of the Client.
    • Companies spend a substantial amount on employee trainings and would like to bind them to work for a certain period of time within which they expect reasonable returns from the expertise gained by him/her.   Investing in such training must be done based on a properly drafted Training-cum-Confidentiality Undertaking which minimizes employee attrition.  This document could be stand-alone or made part of the Employee Induction Kit.  Lex Valorem guides the Client appropriately in these areas, thanks to its exposure to businesses from varied sectors and the long years of association with the corporate world that its experienced promoters have.
  • Thanks to economic globalization, no business is a stand alone activity but is interlinked with the other corporate entities, individuals or others. Infact most businesses are interdependent on inputs from one another not only to achieve projected results but also to achieve expansion of any business undertaken. Lex Valorem has specialized in drafting various agreements and has also specialized in negotiating on behalf of the Client to arrive at mutually accepted terms and conditions for entering into the following agreements.

    • The IT sector is a sector of interdependence and requires agreements relating to software developments, software implementation, hardware supply and other related services. Lex Valorem assists in drafting of Software Development Agreements, Software Implementation Agreements, Software Consultancy Agreements and related Non Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Undertaking, Non Compete and others.
    • Drafting of Master Service Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Technical Collaboration Agreements, Outsourcing Agreements is an another field of specialization of Lex Valorem having been associated with such transactions over a period of time.
    • Drafting of financial documents whether on behalf of the Fund or Client and as relating to venture capital assistance, term loan assistance, PE assistance, etc would be meticulously handled by Lex Valorem for the benefit of its Client.


    Corporate entities are dependant on various commercial transactions which includes supply, distribution etc. Lex Valorem has specialized in and is capable of undertaking drafting of the following based on the inputs from its Client.

    • Distribution Agreements relating to the products of the Client concluding marketing Agreements, Consultancy Agreements and the like.
    • Supply Agreements to ensure continuous and smooth supply of raw material and others required by the corporate entities/Client and also to address breach of supply.
    • Lease Agreements as relating to office space, factory space, sharing of facilities etc, as may be required by the Client and depending on the contingency of the business of the Client.
  • Real estate development is a major activity in any metropolitan city requiring extensive discussions, negotiations and documentation. Lex Valorem has been associated with big real estate developer companies in Bangalore and has developed its expertise to undertake the following for and on behalf of its Client.

    • Scrutiny of title documents relating to immoveable property and especially immoveable property situated in the State of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
    • Joint Development Agreements with owners of immoveable property.
    • Drafting of Sale Agreements, Sale Deeds and others relating to commercial premises, residential premises, industrial premises and also as relating to purchase of immoveable property for real estate development.
    • To render advisory and consultancy services relating to stamp duty, registration charges and others and also to render all assistance required for registration of immoveable properties for and on behalf of its Client and as relating to immoveable property situated in the State of Karnataka.
    • To render consultancy services and also assist in implementation of Real Estate Investment by Real Estate Funds, Third Party Investors,  establish Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), drafting of all related documents with reference to SPV in relation to the funding procured, providing exit options for the Fund and other terms and conditions of investment.
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