Vanessa Briollet
Groupe Legal Manager
JOUVE, France
April, 2010
Jouve has been introduced to Sharada & Jayashree (Lex Valorem) for the purpose of the buying out of an Indian company, Textech, by Jouve. During the intensive work period of the buying out, I had and still have the opportunity to appreciate the huge work they make: not only they are available and flexible (whatever the difference of time), but also professional, reliable, clear, honest, direct, efficient… and they have a great sense of ethics; in such an extent that you really have the feeling that we are working together for a long long time.
Sharada & Jayashree are dealing so closely with you that they represent perfectly the interest of your company because not only they take into consideration the legal aspects of your project, but also the financial and economic part of it. Working with them is not only working with a lawyer: it is working as a team. They are inventive in finding solutions to all your problematic.
One more thing even more significant is that they also gain the confidence of all the Indian people of Textech who appreciated their implication and their great job during all the buying out phase.
For all these reasons, they have all my confidence and it is natural for Jouve to have asked them to be our official lawyer of our new Indian subsidiary for all and any of the current affairs of the company.
Linus Liang
Embrace, USA
February, 2010
Lex Valorem, has been an outstanding firm to work with. We are a non-profit organization in the USA and wanted to incorporate a subsidiary in India. Give our unique situation, this posed various difficulties. Sharada and her team were able to over-come these issues and create a structure that worked for our business needs. In addition their communication and transparency was excellent, they always took the time to explain all the details to us. Finally they were able to work to work around our schedules, even when we were based in the USA, over 10,000 miles away.
Raghavan K Murti
RKM strategic Solutions Private Limited
February, 2010
I recently returned after a long stint of two decades of top management experience in Financial Institutions abroad. I wished to set up my own management advisory services consulting business. Running around it looked a huge task. A friend referred me to Mrs. Sharda of Lex Valorem and I was impressed with your web site on first look. Second surprise was a crisp, to the point reply to e mail within a couple of hours. That set in a relationship of professional trust between us. Your team at Lex handled my company incorporation with such an ease that I could focus on business development. Their input on equity, founder's rights, components of AOA were very comforting. I believe in my business I would need a legal advisor at every transaction and am delighted that I have the company of right people to handle that. Icing on the cake was your compassion and keeness to build long term relationship. I have no doubt your team is going to grow in corporate world.
Pavithra Shirodkar
Managing Director
LIDO Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
February, 2009
"Firstly I would like to say the team at Lex Valorem is most responsive - which is critical and beneficial for enterprises in this era of fast changing business environments. Secondly, when it comes to a client -they care. I highly recommend them for start ups who have to put much energy on their core activities and need someone reliable to look after the legal side of business."
Paul Gittins
Director – India Operations
Aviagen India Poultry Breeding Company
January, 2009
Lex Valorem have been instrumental in the successful applications and granting of our EPCG licenses. The outcome was a substantial reduction in our customs duty payments on the importation of specialist capital goods for the project. Lex Valorem are a professional outfit and a nice bunch of people to work with. I will continue to use their excellent services whenever I have a need to import equipment and materials into India.
Mihir Ganguly
Managing Director
Protocol Automation technologies
January, 2009
Having Lex Valorem as our lawyers has been like having someone who believes in your company as much as I personally do. This brings about a very personal touch in interacting with “Sharada and Jayashree who ensure that all your interests are protected within the boundaries of the law and yet they manage to keep options open enough to allow your vision to come forth without any restrictions.
Dr.Sudhir Borgonha
CEO & Director
Translational Medicine India
January, 2009
We have had the pleasure of working with Lex Valorem over the last two years. As we have grown from an early stage company into a more full fledged entity, we have sought significant counsel on a number of key issues from Lex Valorem. Corporate compliance rules in India are complex and ensuring that a fast evolving company is complying with the regulations is a challenge. We are thankful that Lex Valorem has provided us with the right guidance and ensured that as a growing company, we constantly have kept abreast of the requirements and the mandates. Further, the industry we work in has little to no precedence in India. As a result, the demands that we placed on Lex Valorem on unraveling various responsibilities and actions have been complex and at each point, they have responded with the highest level of professional integrity. It has been a pleasure to work with the various individuals at Lex Valorem and I strongly recommend that their services be sought at every stage of a company's evolution.
Christophe Rigaudie
Managing Director Asia & Pacific
Olaer Group
January, 2009
For OFC, in November 2008, we went through a difficult case. Lex Valorem have been very helpful in providing legal advise and giving us access to their network for specific advise in Human Resource and Import/Export.
Christophe Rigaudie
Managing Director
OLAER Fawcett Christie Limited
January, 2009
For FCH, since Sharada has been appointed as the Company Secretary, as Chairman of the board, I am pleased to confirm that: our board meetings are well documented the board meeting agenda has always been communicated at least 2 weeks in advance for review and approval The input from Sherada is well appreciated during the board refering to Indian law and regulations.
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